About The Kijiji Resort

Welcome to the Village. Though you are in Karen, on the outskirts of the cosmopolitan city of Nairobi, we hope you feel at home here at the Africa International University (A.I.U).

The resort is situated within the compound of the A.I.U home to about 33 nationalities representing all the continents in the world.

Great choice for a relaxing vacation for families with children or a group of friends.

Indeed we are a dynamic community and once a year in the month of October, the university hosts a cultural week featuring foods, drama, attire and a host of activities that showcase the different backgrounds and how they live in harmony with each other.

Kijiji is nestled in the middle of the lovely 55 acre A.I.U Campus in Karen. It is safe to walk or run around inside the campus or use our street gardens for your reflections, team building activities, seminars, exhibitions etc.

We have tried to preserve our African culture while offering modern guesthouse services and amenities to create a truly unique experience.

Book with us to taste a blend of African International Cuisines as well as our unique accommodation.


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To Our Guests

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To Our Staff

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